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Balloon Decorating Tools & Materials

Whether balloon decorating is a hobby for you, or you've chosen it as your profession or a side hustle, what's the one thing you need? The right tools and materials!

The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it's a great place to start. Over time you'll develop your own techniques and little tricks what to use for which job.

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The balloon decoration items list is divided into three sections:

  • Essential tools and materials every balloon decorator needs
  • Useful extras that make your life as a decorator easier (especially if you're a beginner)
  • Equipment needed for a balloon business
Balloon decorating tools and materials

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Essential Tools & Materials Every Balloon Decorator Needs

These are the must-haves for every balloon decorator. With these materials, you can make some simple and beautiful designs — ideal if you're just starting out.

Create beautiful balloon designs with these balloon decorating materialsWhich beautiful designs will you create with these balloon decorating materials?

Extra Balloon Decorating Tools and Materials That Make Your Life Easier

These are the nice-to-have things, that either make your life as a balloon decorator easier, or help you improve your creations. Hi-Float for example increases the floating time of helium filled balloons significantly.

Equipment Needed for a Balloon Business

And finally, here's some additional equipment that you'll need if you consider starting a balloon business from home.

That brings us to the end of my tools and materials list. We've gone through the must-haves, the nice-to-haves, and the need-to-haves for anyone diving into the world of balloon decorating.

Whether you're just starting out or considering opening your very own balloon business, I truly hope this list of tools and materials has given you a solid direction.

From simple scissors and tape to handy balloon sealing clips and the game-changing electrical balloon inflator, we've covered it all!

Remember, it's all about honing your techniques and discovering what works best for you as you go along. So, keep on experimenting and, most importantly, keep on creating those stunning balloon decorations. 

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