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Balloon Gift Ideas: Find the Perfect Personalized Present for Any Occasion

Looking for a cool selection of balloon gift ideas? Here you go!

Delight your sweetheart with a self-made balloon in a box. Surprise your daughter with a cuddly toy in a stuffed balloon. Wish your grandma "get well soon" with a colorful balloon bouquet.

No matter the occasion, you'll find inspiration for the perfect personalized present in my exclusive list.

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Unique balloon gift ideas for any occasion.Like these balloon gift ideas? Share with a friend or pin for later!

Each of those gifts is an imaginative and affordable way to say 'Happy Birthday', 'I love you' or simply 'Have Fun'.

Balloons put a smile on people's face - no matter how old they are.

Only the best ideas I've come across will make it into my handpicked selection. Some of them you can easily make yourself, and I'll show you how. For the others I've researched online shops to find out where you get best value for money.

Handpicked Selection of Balloon Gift Ideas

Our first example is the 'Balloon in a Box'. It takes some time to make this beautiful surprise, and the result is certainly worth the effort.

Click here to go to How to Make a Balloon Gift Box

Balloon in a Box

Balloon Pictures capture those fleeting moments of happiness and joy, that otherwise would be lost for ever ...

Click here to see our colorful selection of balloon pictures, posters and prints.

Balloon Pictures Make a Nice Gift

A Hot Air Balloon Model can be a spectacular "wrapping" for a balloon ride gift voucher. It also makes an impressive gift on its own, especially if you created it yourself.

Click here for learn how to make this hot air balloon centerpiece.

Hot Air Balloon Model

Stuffed Balloons are a delightful way to wrap a gift in a balloon, from cuddly toys to flowers to champagne.

Learn about the different types of stuffed balloons and how to stuff a balloon with or without a machine.

Click here to learn all about stuffed balloons.

Stuffed Balloon

Surprise your loved ones with a Balloon Delivery, the ideal birthday balloon gift. These simple tips will turn your balloon greetings into a big success every time. 

Click here to get best value for money from your balloon delivery service.

Happy Birthday balloon bouquet with mylar balloons.

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