How to Make a Valentine
Balloon Bouquet, Part II

A Valentine Balloon Bouquet is one of the best cheap Valentines Day gifts, that doesn't look cheap. In steps 1 to 4, we've attached the mylar heart balloon to its floral base and started preparing the latex balloons. Two more steps and your unique valentines gift is done.

Step 5: Attaching the Ribbon

Cut about 1.5 m of ribbon. Leaving half a meter spare, tie it in front of the balloon knot (fig. 8). Tie a second knot to attach the ribbon securely.

Pass the other end of the ribbon under the nylon line on your base. Adjust the height of the latex balloon until it is just touching the underside of the mylar heart (fig. 9). When you're happy with the positioning, tie the ribbon to the base with two securing knots. 

Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 8
Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 9

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the remaining two balloons. When finished, the three latex balloons should be sitting at an even height (fig. 10).

Your masterpiece is almost complete. So, let's move on to ...

Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 10

Step 6: Add the Finishing Touches to your Valentine Balloon Bouquet

We need to tidy up the curling ribbon on the base. So take your scissors and trim the excess as close to the knots as possible (fig. 11).

Next, curl the loose ends of the ribbons at the balloons. To do this you take an open pair of scissors. Starting at the knotted end, place the ribbon between your thumb and the blade edge and then pull the scissors down the entire length of the ribbon. Try not to grip too tightly as you'll make the curls too tight (fig. 12). 

Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 11
Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 12

Take about 60cm length of white tulle and tie a decorative bow around the ribbons just above the plant (fig. 13). To add a final delicate touch, place your balloon bouquet on a doylie as shown in our example.

That's it! Congratulations on having created one of the best Valentines gifts for women you can find. 

Valentine Balloon Bouquet, Step 13
Valentine Balloon Bouquet, with step-by-step instructions

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