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Looking for unique balloon decorating ideas? Browse through the designs below. Get tips and instructions for beautiful balloon centerpieces, balloon letters, balloon clouds and more.

Balloon Arch

Blue & White Spiral Balloon Arch

Both a single balloon String-of-Pearls arch or a multi- balloon weave arch are perfect for highlighting an entrance, the head or cake table at a wedding, or the stage or dance floor.

Photo courtesy of Enchanted Designs Balloon and Floral Decor

Balloon Column

Blue and White Balloon Column

Photo courtesy of Brian Woodhouse

Ideal in combination with balloon arches, or as standalone eye catchers, balloon columns are often placed at both sides of an entrance, table or stage. The technique behind making balloon columns can also be used for creating balloon sculptures, like the bride & groom and the snowman.

Balloon Centerpiece

The variations for balloon centerpiece decorations are endless. Play around with the number of balloons (anything from 3 to 10 balloons is possible) or the way you arrange them (staggered or stacked). 

Combine plain balloons with printed ones, or latex with mylar balloons. Set romantic accents with tulle. Let your imagination guide you in creating beautiful matching bases for your balloon bouquets.

For some inspiration, check out the bouquet 'Simple & Elegant' (example for a staggered arrangement), the Valentine bouquet or the 'Spooky Halloween' bouquet (examples for stacked arrangements).

Hot Air Balloon Model

Unique Hot Air Balloon Model

A fabulous way to surprise your spouse or friend with a gift voucher for a hot air balloon ride, or a spectacular decoration on its own. Hot air balloon models are fun and easy to make. I especially love the part when it comes to placing a cute cuddly toy in the replica basket.

Need more balloon decorating ideas?

Then you might want to check out "Balloon Decor Secrets", an eBook published by Leader Publishing Canada in 2009.

Example design from Balloon Decor Secrets ebookExample Design from Balloon Decor Secrets eBook
Example design from Balloon Decor Secrets ebookExample Design from Balloon Decor Secrets eBook

Written by a former professional balloon decorator, it contains ideas and instructions for making balloon letters, numbers, columns, arches, hearts, garlands, topiary trees, cloud nine and others. You will also find tips about working with helium, and special effects like making balloons sparkle or double stuffing a balloon.

"Balloon Decor Secrets" is full of great instructions; unfortunately it lacks the photos to illustrate them. So what I did was to do an image search for each design while reading through the book. Looking at the finished designs helped me tremendously in understanding the steps for creating them. 

All in all, "Balloon Decor Secrets" is a good low price alternative to the much more expensive training kits offered by Qualatex or Conwin. Check it out now.

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