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Balloon Letters and Balloon Numbers

The term balloon letters refers to either...

  • clusters of round helium balloons attached to a letter shaped frame,
  • letters formed by artistically twisting balloons or
  • ready made mylar balloons for each letter of the alphabet, often referred to as Megaloons (which is one of the most popular brands).

This article is about the third type, the Megaloons. You'll find an overview of where to get a high quality mylar balloon at the best price, and how to arrange them nicely into a name or whatever word you want to form.

For advice on creating letters or numbers with round latex balloons, please check out our FAQ page about balloon numbers.

What You Should Know About Balloon Letters And Numbers

Most merchants offer letters in gold and silver only. Balloon numbers have a wider color palette - pink, red, purple, blue or multi-colored. You might find them marked up as 35 inches or 40 inches.

When inflated, they are between 34 and 37 inches tall (that's between 86 and 95 cm, for us metric folks), depending on the letter or number. Their width ranges from 23 to 25 inches (58 to 65 cm).

Anagram mylar balloon self sealing valveFoil Balloon with Self-Sealing Valve

The balloons should have hanging tabs on the top, sides and bottom, for various ways to display them. Like most foil balloons, they should also have a so-called self sealing valve, as seen in the image. Anagram, one of the big players in the balloon industry, claims to have invented this kind of valve.

Price Range

In the UK, a 40 inch mylar balloon number or letter costs between £5 and £6. I've also seen multi-colored 18 inch balloon numbers for under £2. Those are ideal for a kid's birthday.

In the US, prizes are between $6 and $9. 

Where To Get Them

Do you have already a favorite online or offline balloon supplier? Then it's best to ask them if they carry balloon numbers and letters, or if they could order them for you. Even if they charge a bit more than the prices mentioned above, you know that you can trust them.


Established in 1986, PartyPacks is a medium sized company with a friendly family feel. On their "About Us" page you see photos of their old and new warehouse and some faces of the 30 staff members. They have over 7000 items for sale, and they pride themselves as being "dedicated to providing an individual and efficient service to our customers."

They offer the full range of 40 inch balloon letters in silver and gold and balloon numbers in pink, blue, silver and gold. In addition, they carry the 18 inch multi-colored balloon numbers.


Betallic is an industry leading manufacturer of foil and latex balloons with international distribution, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.  

Besides a full range of 40 inch Megaloon balloon letters in gold, silver and black with polka dots, they also carry balloon numbers in a variety of solid colors and party patterns.

Below is a selection of items from their Amazon store. To find more, simply type "balloon letters" or "balloon numbers" into the search bar below the product images.

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