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How do I use HI FLOAT?

This is my first balloon bouquet, I need help with the latex balloons - how do you treat the balloons with the "HI-FLOAT" treatment?

I blew up some 11" balloons with helium last night (02/07/08), but when I came home from work the balloons were limp and not floating any more. What can I do to keep them up high?

Please help me,

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Where to buy Hi-Float
by: Margit

Hi Singyit,

Good to see you stopping by from a country as far away as Malaysia :-)

We have Hi-Float as one of the products in our Online Balloon Shop. It is sold by Shindigz, a reliable online party retailer who ships worldwide.

This link leads you directly to their current Hi-Float offer.

All the best,

I love this
by: Anonymous

I love your explanation and it's very clear.
I'm a malaysian, may i know how can i buy for hi-float? or any website that i can purchase?
my email is [email protected]

Thanks for your help.

How to use Hi-Float
by: Anonymous

If you go to our "Tools & Materials" Page you'll find the link "Hi-Float with Dispensing Pump". This will lead you to our page about Hi-Float to give you some background information. We recommend using "Ultra Hi-Float" for best results.

Here are some basic instructions how to use it:
- Slide the balloon neck onto the pump nozzle and inject the Hi-Float deep inside the balloon. Make sure to inject into the bulb of the balloon, not the neck itself.
- Push the pump plunger down as far as it will go. That will inject just the right amount of Hi-Float for an 11" balloon.
- Carefully remove the balloon from the pump.
- Gently rub the balloon a few times between your fingers to spread the Hi-Float evenly over the inside surface of the balloon.
- Make sure to hold the balloon neck upwards and leave it open whilst rubbing to allow air to escape and prevent liquid from entering the balloon neck.
- Inflate the balloon with helium and tie a knot.

Great instructions with photos, including a "Troubleshooting Guide" and videos to watch you can find on the Hi-Float web site:

Other tips that will increase the floating time of your balloons:
- Use high quality latex balloons. They will keep the helium longer than cheap ones from the super market.
- Use high quality helium. We had some bad experiences with helium that had too much air mixed into it.
- Try to keep your bouquet within a dry and moderately warm environment. Humidity and extreme temperatures decrease floating times.

I hope that helps. Good luck with your very first balloon bouquet (we'd love to see a photo of it - just submit it as on our FAQ page).

all the best,

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