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Balloon Decoration on Walls Because of High Ceiling

by CPR

Like these balloon decor ideas for walls? Share with a friend or pin for later!

Like these balloon decor ideas for walls? Share with a friend or pin for later!


The hall we arranged for the birthday party has a really high ceiling. Looks like I have to do balloon decorations on the wall.

Can you please give me some ideas for wall decorations with air filled balloons as I am not using helium. Thanks.



The first and easiest idea that comes to mind is attaching balloon letters and numbers to the wall. You could spell out "Happy Birthday" or the person's name and/or their age.

Another suggestion would be balloon sculptures on frames, like a balloon heart or star.

I've put together basic instructions for creating a balloon heart yourself or you could buy a ready-made frame at Amazon, as shown in the example below.

Other ideas for a wall decoration with balloons would be a balloon flower wall or balloon garlands.

Follow my balloon decorating strip tutorial for an easy way to create gorgeous looking organic balloon garlands.

Or how about arranging some balloon columns along the wall?

Lastly, if you want to go really big, build a decoration with the "Rouse Matrix System". This is an expandable, light weight framework to hold balloons together.

Rouse Matrix comes in lots of shapes including hearts, stars, and rounds as well as banner pieces which can either be joined together to create backdrops or cut to your choice of specific shapes.

Find out more about the Rouse Matrix System at their website and in the short explanation video below.

If you decide to try the Rouse Matrix System, I'd recommend to contact them first (there's an email address on their website). Last posts on their social media channels were in 2020 — so I am not sure if they are still in business.

Good luck with creating some stunning balloon decorations for your birthday party!


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