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How do you make a heart shape decoration with balloons

How to Make a Heart Shaped Balloon Decoration | Please Share or Pin for Later!

How to Make a Heart Shaped Balloon Decoration | Please Share or Pin for Later!

Just wondering if anyone could help me with this as I have searched the internet and have found nothing. Have tried this but think there should be an easier way.


How to Make a Balloon Heart Decoration

Follow these steps to create your heart shaped balloon decoration, a beautiful design for Valentine's Day or a wedding reception.

Materials needed:

Use 1/4 inch aluminum rod for smaller frames. You should be able to bend the rod by hand.

Use 1/2 inch conduit for a larger, sturdy balloon heart arch.

You'll probably need a pipe bender (from the hardware store) to bend the conduit into the heart shape.


1. Use masking tape (or crayon) to sketch the heart shape on your driveway, in your garage or other large enough area.

2. Bend the rod according to the sketched shape. Bend only half your heart first and then lay the second piece on top of it to make them as identical as possible.

3. Connect the ends with tape or 260q twisting balloons. These twisting balloons are also ideal for wrapping the rod to conceal the frame completely.

4. Create clusters of 4 round latex balloons and attach them to the frame. I would use smaller balloons (5 inch or 9 inch) unless you're creating a really large heart shaped decor.

TIP: Start at the top and wrap going down one side clockwise and the other side counter-clockwise. That way the heart shape looks equally balanced from both sides.

Hanging the heart from the ceiling or attaching it to the wall with command hooks is the easiest way to display it.

If you want it standing you need to bend your rod at the bottom of your design with a 60 degree angle. These ends can then be put into a pipe or conduit that you have screwed into your base.

You could use IKEA NOT lamps as base for your heart balloon arch, or you create it yourself, as explained in my balloon column stand tutorial.

If you want to make it easier for you, consider buying a ready-made balloon heart frame. Do a search for balloon heart arch frame at Amazon for a range of frames in different sizes and prices.

Hope that helps! Good luck with creating your balloon heart decor!

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Star or Heart Arch
by: BZB

I use two 10'x 1/2 PVC pipes to make my regular arches in order to not use helium balloons. (Saves a lot of money now that helium has sky rocketed in price.)

But I also have made other shapes by bending the PVC pipe. You can take a hand held torch or a laminate tile floor blow dryer and use it too.

You heat up the PVC in the area you want to bend. Make sure you use gloves cause it gets hot. When it becomes flexible you bend it to the desired shape or angle you want.

A heart takes several 60 degree angles. Once you know what size each arm of the star will be you measure it out on one 10' pipe, heat that area and bend it to create the stars points.

You can also look for connectors that are close to the angle needed and connect all the measured and cut pieces to make a star.

I hope this helps.

Heart Shape
by: Anonymous

You could also make the heart shape with the Rouse Matrix system.

To fit the balloons in to make a heart, tie balloons into duplex and fit them into the shape. This type of frame is very light weight to carry.

Heartshape decoration
by: tade

How do i make a heartshape decoration?

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