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How do I make this organic balloon arch?

by Khatera

Organic Balloon Arch (Found on Pinterest)

Organic Balloon Arch (Found on Pinterest)

Organic Balloon Arch (Found on Pinterest)
Balloon Arch by Khatera from EventsbyKhatera.com
Khatera's Balloon Arch in Detail (Photo Credit: @edrisphotos)
Complete Baby Shower Set Up w/ Balloon Arch (Photo Credit: @edrisphotos)

Hi there! I would like to create a demi organic balloon arch for a baby shower, similar to the one I uploaded in the photo. Can you explain how to best create such an arch? Thank you.


There are two different methods to create such an organic half balloon arch.

One is with chicken wire. For this method, the arch should be located close to a wall. Here's a good tutorial, with description and video:


The other method is to create a garland by tying balloon duplets and quadruplets to each other, using fishing line or string, and then attach this garland to a balloon column stand.

The garland is longer than the stand, so the excessive length of the garland builds the horizontal part of the arch (which needs to be attached to the ceiling, with fishing line).

This is a bit hard to explain, so you better watch it in this video tutorial:

Hope that helps! Good luck with your arch.


A week after Khatera had asked her question, she emailed me with the following update:

I finally did it! The baby shower that I was doing the balloons for was this past Saturday and everyone loved it! I made it organic and really did the design I orginally wanted rather than the design I sent you a picture of.

It was easier doing it this way I kinda winged it as I went along. I didn't use any poles or chicken wire since I was able to attach the balloons to the wall using fishing wire and zip ties.

Thank you so much for answering my questions! I was so nervous about doing the balloons and you really made me feel at ease.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures since I was running around but see the attached picture I was able to capture.

(You can see the picture of Khatera's arch at the top of this page. Congrats for creating such a beautiful organic arch!)

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How many balloons? NEW
by: Anonymous

How many balloons were used to make the organic arch shown in the video?

Party Zealot NEW
by: Sheena

It looks so professional and beautiful. It seems difficult to make but it is not. TO understand better I will suggest to watch the video.

Thanks! NEW
by: Margit

Thank you Kelly. Glad you like the tutorial. 😊

brilliant NEW
by: Kelly

Great tutorial and brilliant idea on the standing pole. Love it, thanks for sharing!

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