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How to get small balloons into a larger balloon

by Lynn
(Redcar, UK)

How do the small balloons get into the large ones? | Share or pin for later!

How do the small balloons get into the large ones? | Share or pin for later!

Hi! I've been asked to fill four large clear balloons with confetti and smaller balloons. I don't have a balloon stuffing machine so looking for any advice on how I could do the above. Many thanks.

Hi Lynn,

First, I would put the confetti inside the larger balloon. You can simply use a household funnel for this. And now, let's tackle the bigger question…

How Do You Get a Balloon Inside a Balloon?

Here's a method that works well when the large balloon is also a latex balloon. All you need are a balloon hand pump, a pencil or balloon stick, a pair of scissors and your balloons.

Step 1: Use the round end of a pencil or a balloon stick to insert the 5" balloon into the larger clear balloon, so that the neck of the smaller balloon sticks out just a little bit from the larger balloon.

Step 2: Use a hand pump to inflate the 5" balloon.

Step 3: Tie the 5" balloon and cut off the neck just above the knot; this makes the inner balloons look nicer and removes unnecessary weight.

Step 4: Before inserting the next 5" balloon, blow up the large balloon a bit more so you have more space.

Step 5: Repeat with all the 5 inch balloons, then tie the large balloon.

Watch the video to see this method of getting smaller balloons inside a larger balloon in action.

If you want to stuff a Bobo balloon with smaller balloons, blow up the Bobo balloon first. Blowing up a bubble or Bobo balloon is easiest with an electrical inflator, but you can also do it with a hand pump. Just takes longer!

Then insert and blow up the 5 inch balloons as explained above. When all your small balloons are inside, pump more air into the Bobo balloon with a hand pump, replacing any air that might have escaped during the filling process and giving the bubble balloon its characteristic round shape.

Roll the neck of the Bobo balloons several times before tying the knot.

That's how you get balloons inside a balloon without using a balloon stuffing machine.

Balloons Inside Balloons: Answers to a Couple More Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put air filled balloons inside a helium balloon and will it still float?

Yes, you can put air filled balloons inside a helium balloon, but the lifting capacity of the helium filled balloon has to be higher than the weight of the air filled balloons.

Aim for a ratio of at least 60% helium to 40% air. You'll find more information about this topic in my answer to the question about using part air/part helium in balloon clouds.

How do you make a double balloon?

The technique of double stuffing a balloon involves inserting one balloon into another one to create unique and customized color combinations. It allows decorators and balloon artists to go beyond the conventional color options and create exciting new shades like "Flamingo," "Desert Orange" or "Twilight Pink."

Steps for making a double stuffed balloon:
  1. Decide which color will be the outer balloon and which color will be the inner balloon.

  2. Insert a balloon stick, straw or pencil into the inner balloon.

  3. Fold the balloon round the stick, then insert the stick and balloon into the outer balloon until the lips of the balloons are even with each other.

  4. Remove the stick.

  5. If you're using a hand pump, blow a bit of air into the outer balloon first. Then inflate the inner balloon. Lastly, keep inflating the outer balloon to its full size.

  6. If you're using an electrical inflator, place the aligned balloon necks over the nozzle and blow up the double balloon to its desired size

  7. Tie the neck of the inner balloon.

You can also use double stuffing to create "double bubbles," where smaller, solid-colored balloons are placed inside larger, transparent balloons. It's a unique design that many balloon decorators love to use!

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