Must-Know Tips For Blowing Up Balloons

Blowing up balloons can drive you crazy. You huff and puff, but the balloon's still limp and empty. If that's you, read on for our tips about how to blow up balloons like a pro.

Inflating balloons can be a challenge, whether you do it with your mouth, a balloon pump or a helium tank. In order to blow up balloons without risking the balloon pop in your face, or to inflate balloons without an explosion, it is important to follow our tips below that will make balloon blowing a breeze.

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Blowing Up Balloons with your Mouth

If you will be blowing up balloons with your mouth, it may take a bit of practice to get going. Start with round 9" or 11" latex balloons. Some people prefer jewel-toned because the latex feels a bit thinner and that sometimes makes it easier to inflate. 

Step 1: Stretch the balloon a bit with your hands before beginning to blow. This warms up the latex and makes it easier to fill with air. Put the entire opening of the balloon between your lips and hold it near your lips with one hand and hold the bottom of the balloon straight out with the other. This stretches the balloon neck so the air can flow evenly into the hole.

Step 2: Next, begin to blow. There will be a bit of resistance before the inflation begins. Do not blow with all your might because it may give you a headache, especially if you start blowing hard before the inflation starts. The trick is to start the flow of air and then keep blowing.

Once the inflation begins, you will need to pause every few breathes to inhale. When you do this, clip off the neck or opening of the balloon with your fingers on the hand near your mouth. This prevents the air from flowing back out. Inflate the balloon until it feels taught, but make sure the neck is still pliable. This will keep the balloon from exploding and it will enable you to tie off the end.

Step 3: Now that the balloon is inflated, tie a knot in the tail. You have done it! A perfectly blown up balloon. :-)

Special Tip: This instant balloon tying tool (patent pending) got raving reviews at Amazon. You may want to give it a try, especially if you have lots of balloons to tie.

Inflating Your Balloons with Helium

The important thing when inflating balloons with helium is to make sure the neck stays pliable, just like when you are inflating with your mouth. This neck will go around the nozzle on the helium tanks, but there should be some give between the inflated part of the balloon and the neck that is wrapped around the nozzle. 

Once it is inflated, you'll tie it and - at the same time - attach a string to it. Otherwise, you will lose your newly inflated balloon as soon as you finish blowing it up.

The video below shows you exactly how to do that. It also contains an important tip when working with helium balloons: treat them with Ultra-High Float to increase their floating time.

Do not feel discouraged if it takes a while to get a hang of blowing up balloons. Some people love blowing them up, but have issues tying them. Others have nimble fingers for tying, but inflating makes them lightheaded and ill. 

Over time, and with some practice, you can be an expert balloon inflater. Once your friends realize you are good at this, you may just find yourself the designated balloon-inflater for all future celebrations!

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