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Why Are These Balloon Popping Videos So Popular?

The most popular balloon popping video has amassed over 169 Million views (at the time of this writing). It features Spiderman senior and Spiderman junior sitting in a room, popping balloons and discovering little toys hidden in some of them.

Can you figure out what's so fascinating about that one? I can't. But I can tell you that the videos featured below are well worth your time!

One of the Most Popular Balloon Popping VideosOver 169 Million Views. Un.Be.Lie.Va.Ble

Dog versus Balloons

Meet Anastasia, Guinness World record holder in balloon popping. Watch how this energetic Jack Russell Terrier practices at home for her next world record.

And here's Twinkie, Anastasia's son, popping no less than 100 balloons.

Watch out, balloons. You'll be popped in 3.3 seconds. That's right, this dog pops 54 balloons in 3.3 seconds. Unbelievable!

Balloon Popping Videos in Slow Motion

Watching a water balloon pop in slow motion is a fascinating image. In the immediate moments following the release of the latex, the water keeps its balloon-like form. Spooky. ;-)

In the next video, you'll see a giant 3 ft balloon pop in slow motion. Watch as the guy tries to blow up the second balloon with his mouth. Hilarious. And the slow motion scenes are very different... interesting how the balloons explode in completely unique ways.

Educational & Scientific Balloon Popping Videos

Now it gets futuristic. 100 latex balloons, neatly lined up in a single row. Along comes a wicked laser and pops them all like dominoes. No really, the laser brand is called Wicked Laser's, not my invention. ;-)

The balloons are held in place by being weighted down with specially modified plastic cups filled with water. This prevents balloons that are popping from knocking other un-popped balloons out of position. The focusing lens used is from a soldering kit's "helping hands" alligator clips holder. Also to enhance beam visibility a small bit of glycerin smoke was added to the air.

Watch until the laser beam comes to the very last one... for a split second it looks as if the last balloon would withstand the laser, but in the end, it burst, like the 99 balloons before.

The video has been submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, so it would have been a shame if balloon number 100 hadn't popped.

Lastly, a video for parents of toddlers. Did you know that you can teach you little ones different colors by popping balloons? No? Me neither. But the video shows it.

Have you seen a funny, entertaining or educational balloon popping video? Please share it in the Facebook comments below, or submit it as a complete story here.

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