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Can I use Non-Helium Ballons to make a Centerpiece?

by Josmariz
(Miami, Fl )

How can I make these balloon clouds without helium?

How can I make these balloon clouds without helium?

I need to send balloons out of the United States for a sweet 16 celebration in another country where they don't have access to helium... What kind of balloons will I need to buy, that will make a nice centerpiece similar to the one that I'm uploading?


Hi Josmariz,

You can create "balloon clouds" (as the balloon decoration in your image is called) with non-helium filled balloons.

Instead of anchoring the floating, helium-filled version to a base on the floor, you'd have to hang the air-filled balloon clusters from the ceiling.

Check out these step-by-step instructions for making balloon clouds.

A great alternative would be to make so-called mini balloon topiary trees.

You can either use flower pots as base, or a smaller version of our balloon column base and decorate both top and bottom of the topiary tree with balloons.

Another way to make the pedestal for the topiary centerpiece is using so-called Lomey stands and dishes, as shown in the video below.

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