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Mini Balloon Trees as Table Centerpieces

by Sophia

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Like this tutorial? Share or pin for later!

I wanted to make mini balloon "trees" as table centerpieces for my son's I just make a miniaturized version of an arch stand for use on the table or is there something ready made out there?

How to Make Mini Balloon Topiary Trees as Table Centerpieces

Hi Sophia,

As a table centerpiece I would recommend to do a so-called "balloon topiary." These are tree like designs with a ball shaped cluster of small balloons on the top, a pole and a matching base, often also decorated with small balloons.

For the stand, many balloon professionals use a Lomey dish and a Lomey pedestal pillar in clear plastic.

And here's an alternative brand of these floral plastic dishes, if you need them in different sizes.

In the video below the guys from Balloon Market use the Lomey dish upside down and glue the pedestal to the top. They then decorate the base with two 5 balloon clusters of 5 inch and 3 inch balloons in colors that either match or complement the topiary ball.

You could also use the Lomey dish the other way round and fill it with glass beads, flower petals or other decorative items.

As an extra touch, consider adding curly balloons to your topiary tree.

Here's the video tutorial:

Good luck with creating the mini topiary trees for your son's birthday. I am sure he'll love them!


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