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The Best DIY Balloon Arch Kits - Buying Guide

If you wish to make your next birthday party extra special, throw your best friend a baby shower, or host your own bridal shower, a balloon arch is the perfect addition.

Even better if you can create it easily yourself. That's where balloon arch kits come in handy. 

If you make a purchase through a link on my site, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I believe to have good value (affiliate disclosure).

To help you choose the best one for your special event, I've reviewed what's on the market under the following criteria:

  • Are all the materials included?
  • Do you get detailed instructions?
  • Can you choose different colors?
  • Is the balloon arch or garland suitable for outdoor use?
  • How much does the complete kit cost?

These are my top 5 recommendations (click the link to jump directly to each detailed review):

Most Color Combinations: Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit

Most Complete: Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit

Best Reusable: Walk-Through Arch Frame

Easy and Versatile: Table Balloon Arch Kit

Most Stunning Colors: Retro Balloon Arch/Garland Kit

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Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit

Pros: This beautiful rainbow balloon kit includes 

  • 102 latex balloons in six different colors and 4 different sizes
  • 16 feet (5 m) balloon decorating strip with double holes
  • 100 adhesive glue dots
  • 30 feet (9 m) clear fishing line
  • 1 balloon tying tool
  • Print and video instructions

The only additional tools or materials you need are a balloon pump (either manual or electric) and command hooks to attach the finished rainbow arch to the wall.

As an added benefit, Lunar Bliss offers this kit in ten color combinations. If you're looking for a green balloon arch kit for example, you can choose between "fizzy lime" and "jungle safari."

Cons: With just shy of $30 this arch kit is more expensive than similar products. The balloon tying tool may or may not make it easier for you to tie the balloon knot.

Not ideal for outdoor use because it has no sturdy frame and relatively dark colors. If you want to use it outside, go with a lighter color scheme.

My Verdict: I love how vibrant the rainbow colors are and that you get enough balloons in four different sizes to create a full looking organic arch. A top choice for creating a spectacular focal point for just about any party or special event.

Bonus: Watch the tutorial video below to help you decide if this is the right kit for you. 

Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit

Pros: This 138 pieces strong balloon garland DIY kit includes everything you need to create an eye-catching balloon backdrop, arch or garland, except the balloon pump:

  • 136 latex balloons in three different sizes and seven colors: gold, pink confetti balloons,  pearl rose gold, hot pink, baby pink, chrome, white and clear
  • 16 feet (5 m) arch strip tape
  • 100 glue dots (sometimes also called glue craft points)
  • 32 feet (10 m) pink curling ribbon
  • Instructions

You'll receive detailed instructions for assembling the garland and the gold confetti balloons.

To get the confetti to stick to the balloon wall, you'll have to drop a couple of droplets of water into the balloon and rub the water around before inflating the balloon.

The Amazon product page itself already contains a short instructional video and explanations with images, so make sure to look around when you order.

Cons: Compared to other rose gold balloon arch kits this product sold by Soonlyn is a bit more expensive. Due to the large number of balloons and the additional time you need to handle the confetti balloons, assembling this garland may take you longer than expected

If you were planning to use this decoration outside, you'll be disappointed. Several customers mentioned in the Questions & Answers section that they took the garland outside and balloons kept popping. 

My Verdict: A beautiful choice for bridal showers, wedding receptions and Sweet 16 celebrations indoors. Factor in enough time for the assembly (blow up the balloons the night before the party and store them in large plastic bags) and you'll earn plenty of compliments from your guests.

Walk-Through Balloon Arch Frame

Pros: This balloon arch kit comes with a sturdy, easy to assemble frame of 15 folded fiberglass poles and two PVC bases. The package also includes:

  • 2 bags that you can fill with either water or sand to weigh down the arch
  • 2 PVC pipes that fit into the bases
  • 50 balloon clips to help you with creating balloon clusters
  • 2 balloon flower clips (not quite sure what these are for!)
  • 2 balloon tying tools
  • 1 roll of glue dots
  • 1 hand pump
  • 4 ground nails and 2 lengths of rope to fix the arch to the ground when used outdoors
  • Instructions

The arch is large enough for you to walk through. Typical size would be 10 ft (3 m) wide and 9 ft (2.70 m) tall, but you could also make it narrower and higher or wider and lower. 

Because the balloons are mounted on a frame rather than just a string or balloon arch tape, this type of arch is much better suited for outdoor use

Cons: The kit does not include balloons, so you'll have to factor in the extra cost for the balloons. 

How many balloons will you need for the arch? That depends on the size of balloons and the type of arch you want to make. For a classic arch with balloon clusters of 4 evenly sized 11" balloons, you would need about 114 balloons. 

To calculate the number of balloons for other sizes, get my free balloon arch calculator!

My Verdict: This is one of the best reusable and adjustable kits I've seen. Compared to similar foldable frames (which cost $50 or more at AliExpress), the price is affordable, even with the extra cost for balloons. 

You can be sure that this walk-through arch will add a wow factor to your next party

Insider tip: If you aren't set on specific colors, you can get a pack of 125 x 11" good quality latex balloons in assorted colors for bargain prices.  

Table Balloon Arch Kit

Pros: This easy to assemble, reusable balloon arch fits most tables between 4.5 ft and 6.5 ft in length (1.40 m to 2 m), as long as the table top isn't thicker than 1.5" (3.8 cm). Included in the kit are:

  • 2 clamps to clip the arch frame to the table
  • 10 poles and connectors made of sturdy fiber rod to create the arch frame
  • 25 balloon rings and 25 flower clips to make clusters of 4 to 5 balloons
  • roll of glue dots
  • 2 hand pumps
  • 100 x 12 inch balloons in rainbow colors

This kit got great customer reviews for its overall sturdiness and ease of assembly. One important thing to note: you can only bend the frame into shape after connecting all 10 poles. Don't try to bend the individual poles!

Insider tip: I would first connect the poles without using the glue dots and see how well they hold together. If you use the sticky dots, you'll have a hard time disassembling the frame after the party.

Cons: Some users complained about the bad quality of the hand pump. So you may have to invest in a better quality dual action balloon pump or in an electric air pump.

Another downside is that the kit doesn't include detailed instructions. I suggest you watch this instructional video by Party Zealot on YouTube. 

My Verdict: This table arch kit is another solid choice that can be adjusted in size and reused. I like its design versatility. Depending on your party theme, you can choose whatever balloon colors and patterns fit best. 

To make a classic arch look really professional, blow up all balloons to the exact same size, using a balloon sizer.

To create a classic arch with a spiral pattern, purchase standard 11 inch latex balloons in two colors, inflate them to about 9 to 10 inches and arrange them as explained in our balloon column tutorial. You will need approximately 25 quadruplets, i.e. 100 balloons.

Or you can go for a more organic look, using balloons in various colors and sizes. To make the arch appear fuller, I would attach 5 balloons to each balloon ring and place additional smaller balloons in between the clusters, using the glue dots that are included in the kit.

Retro Balloon Arch / Garland Kit

Pros: The retro balloon kit contains a whopping 145 balloons in 5 inch, 10 inch and 18 inch sizes. 

The colors are its best feature and are as stunning in real life as they are in the photos. You'll get balloons in white, olive green, retro apricot, gold, skin and black.

Black, you may wonder… there's no black balloon in the product images! That's because the black balloon gets stuffed inside the skin colored balloon to create a "dusty blush" double stuffed custom color. 

In addition to the balloons the package contains a 16 ft (5 m) balloon decorating strip and a roll of glue dots. 

Cons: Neither a balloon pump nor instructions are included. To blow up 145 balloons you'll need either a couple of hand pumps and friends to help you, or you borrow or buy an electric balloon pump. 

For how to best attach the balloons to the tape, I suggest you check out my balloon decorating strip tutorial. Scroll down to the end of the page for video instructions.

Insider tip: Notice the round shape of the balloons? Here's how to achieve that: After inflating the balloon and before you tie the knot, press down from the top and bottom of the balloon while slowly letting out a bit of air.

Tie the balloon. Then press it again gently down from top and bottom to form the final round shape. 

My verdict: From the five balloon arch kits I reviewed this is probably my favorite. I simply love the combination of the muted apricot and olive colors with the bright white and sparkling gold. 

For less than $20 and a couple of hours of work you'll get a gorgeous looking photo backdrop or wall decoration

The Best Balloon Arch Kits: The Choice is Yours

Whatever kit you choose from these five, know that you've selected a great product. Only you can decide which one fits your event best.

Planning a summer party in your garden? Go with HeyMate's arch frame kit and purchase balloons in light colors.

Want an easy and re-usable decor for a gift or cake table? The adjustable table balloon arch kit is your best choice.

For an indoor event or photo shoot, the rainbow, rose-gold and retro garland kits are equally suited. It just depends on your color preferences!

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