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Balloon Decoration App

by Armando

Is there an app to mockup your balloon designs?

Is there an app to mockup your balloon designs?

I am looking for a software or app that lets me design balloon decor examples to show to prospective customers.


UPDATE March 2022

As pointed out by Anja, the flash based tool "Decoloons" doesn't work anymore.

There are now two browser based balloon decoration design tools that let you create illustrations for potential customers.

1. Virtualoon

Quoting from their website:

"Virtualoon is a software to create your own virtual mock-ups to show customers how the design will look like and at the same time helps you planning your work and balloon order.

Virtualoon provides you with several tools to quickly create your designs. Whether you use the design tool; Plus, X Wall, Column Wall or Star Point Wall Creator; Arch, Flat Arch, Column, Circle or Garland Creator or the Matrix Tool, you will be able to create a design with just a few clicks.

Virtualoon includes several templates as for example different patterns for arches, columns and garlands as well as other, more complicated designs.

Some of these templates are made by the Virtualoon team and can be accessed for free if you are a paying member, whereas other templates can be purchased from our Lifetime Members.

You can find Qualatex, Betalatex, Gemar and Anagram balloons in the balloon menu along with different frames, Nikoloon mosaic frames and the AeroPole System.

The menu also includes ribbons, bows, stuffer balloons, strings, NOT lamps, weights and more. You can add background pictures and load .png files of your own designs (please check the tutorial to see how it works)."

They offer a 7 day free trial. No credit card needed.

If you then decide to become a member, you can choose between monthly ($10 per month), yearly ($100 per year) or a lifetime membership for $500.

2. Design Tool

Developed by well known Australian balloon professional Chris Adamo and his team, the website describes the tool as follows:

"A must have for any balloon professional. This digital design tool gives you everything you need to create and calculate balloon decor, giving picture perfect digital renders to quote and market your next sale!

Organic Balloon Decor – Arches – Columns – Duplet Square Pack – Alternate Size Pack – Linking Walls – Volume Calculators and so much more."


The Design tool also has a 7 day free trial, no credit card required.

If you decide to sign up, you can choose between a monthly plan ($14 per month) and a yearly plan ($120 per year).

Included in this price is access to Adamo's extensive video lesson library.

If you only want the design tool, the cost is $9.95 per month or $99 per year.

My Assessment
I haven't used any of the two design tools. So this is just my opinion based on their respective websites.

From a first impression, my personal preference would be the Design Tool. I find their website easier to navigate and especially like that they demonstrate how to use the tool with videos before you sign up.

As both tools offer a 7 day free trial, I'd recommend you try both and then decide which one you prefer.

Below is my original reply to Armando:

Hi Armando,

The only software that I found during my research that comes close to what you are looking for is a program called "Decoloons," developed by balloon decorator Ken Stillman.

I've written about it in my answer to a similar question.

If you're looking for an easy way to calculate the number of balloons you need for an arch or garland, please check out my own, free balloon arch calculator.

There are various programs for designing printable balloons, but I couldn't find any other apps or software programs for designing balloon decorations.

All the best,

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Reply to Anja: Virtualoon
by: Margit

Hello Anja,

Thanks very much for letting my readers and me know about Virtualoon.

I will check it out and update my page accordingly.

by: Anja Sersch

DecoBuilder does not run anymore as it was a Flash software that’s not supported by the browsers any more.

Since 2017 Virtualoon is on the market. It‘s web based and all you need is Google Chrome. There are several tools such as arch tool, column tool, etc. as well as templates that can easily be changed with the help of color buttons.

For more information please visit

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