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Why won't my vinyl stay flat stuck to my balloon?

by Claire

How to put vinyl on latex balloons [Image source: somethingturquoise.com]

How to put vinyl on latex balloons [Image source: somethingturquoise.com]

After adding vinyl to my balloon, about 10 mins later it had all shrivelled up, any tips? Or what am I doing wrong?


Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear about your problems when personalizing balloons with vinyl.

Which balloons did you use? Vinyl works best on foil or bubble balloons.

You can also apply it on latex balloons. However, this is a bit trickier because latex balloons are "rounder" (i.e. have a stronger curve). And latex balloons will loose air (or helium) faster and therefore shrink faster than foil or bubble balloons.

It takes a lot of practice to get the vinyl properly onto the latex balloon.

The video below is a great tutorial. The instructor shares a really good tip at around 6:50 minutes into the video: she repeatedly cuts the transfer paper up to the vinyl letters so that it curves easier around the balloon.

Hope that helps!

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