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Vinyl on Bubble Balloons

by Lauren

Deco Bubble with Vinyl Letters [Image found on Pinterest]

Deco Bubble with Vinyl Letters [Image found on Pinterest]

Has any one got any tips please. I have inflated my 24inch deco bubble, I put my vinyl on to personalise, but when I peel my transfer tape off, it marks my balloon! I have tried taking the tac off my transfer tape so its less sticky, but this isnt working. Any ideas?? Thanks


Hi Lauren,

I came across this video from Chris Adamo and thought it might help.

It's mostly about how to ensure that the text or image you put on the deco bubble is centralized, using a simple device made of cardboard, but he also talks about applying the vinyl.

For example, around 3 minutes into the video he says he uses "very low tac" transfer tape to avoid causing damage to the balloon.

Starting at about 7:30 minutes you can watch how he applies the vinyl characters. You can see how he very gently pushes down on the characters only, and tries to avoid pushing the rest of the transfer paper onto the deco bubble.

Hope that helps!


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Answer to "Vinyl on Bubble Balloons"
by: Margit


Sorry to hear about the issues with the vinyl peeling off or showing bubbles over night.

You are not the only one with this problem, believe me!

In fact, I've answered a very similar question about problems with vinyl not staying flat on balloons here.

The reason could indeed be that your bubble balloon looses some air (or helium) over night.

Perhaps my answer on the page linked above helps giving you more ideas. There are also two more videos with tips around applying vinyl to balloons on that page. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom.

vinyl on bubble balloons
by: Anonymous

hi there,

was just wondering if anyone could help?

I want to do personalised vinyl on bubble balloons however, every one I have done, I have left it over night and when I've checked in the morning the vinyl on the balloon has gone bubbly or has peeled off in areas of the writing!

I have watched the Chris Adamo vid however I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

I thought it was maybe the bubble balloon shrank and therefore caused the vinyl to move and peel/bubble.

could anyone help?

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