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Creative Ways to Enjoy the Fun of a Water Balloon Cannon on a Hot Summer Day

A water balloon cannon or water balloon slingshot brings a good deal of fun to your summer party. Read our tips for the best splashing event ever, or jump down to browse our selection of products.

These handy little toys enable you to launch water balloons further than you would if you were just throwing them by hand. People can "attack" one another with water balloons and turn the event into a fun outdoor game. 

If you are looking for a fantastic way to liven up a hot summer day, consider planning a few water balloon games. There are ways you can turn a muggy summer afternoon into one of the best days of the season, just by planning ahead and choosing fun ways to use water balloon launchers.

Here are some ideas to get you splashing! To make the fun extra cool, fill the balloons and keep them in the refrigerator before the battle begins. You, or whoever ends up having the balloon launched at them, will be in for a freezing cold surprise, but if the temperature is up in the 90's, or higher, it will be a refreshing treat. The initial shock may send you running for a warm towel, but in the end you'll be glad you spent some time chilling the water balloons.

Or how about a fragrant water balloon battle? Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the balloons you plan to use. if you want to cool off in style, nothing is more refreshing than a chilled balloon filled with peppermint scented water!

This is of course a special treat for a girl's pool party. The boys may not want to smell like lavender or eucalyptus!

And here's a special tip: make your life easier and fill a hundred balloons in just one minute! How? By using the awesome Zuru Bunch O Water Balloons. As you can see in the picture below, they come with a special adapter that lets you attach a whole bundle of balloons to your garden hose and fill them all at once!

Where Do You Get Your Water Balloon Cannon or Launcher?

There are numerous products on the market today that will help you fill, tie, and launch your water balloons. They vary from small handheld devices to giant sling shots where you need three people to launch the balloon.

If you are a DIY person, you can even build your own device, as shown in the video below.

And, for the hardcore home constructors among you, here's a step-by-step guide for building your own air-powered water balloon cannon.

"You will strike fear into all those who seek to soak you."

Not a DIY person? Scan through the eBay offers below. I selected only suppliers that offer free shipping. 

Water Balloon Cannon Deals

Finally, before the battle begins, be sure everyone understands safety rules. While there is no reason to send kids out in helmets and goggles for a water balloon battle, you should remind them to leave a safe distance between the launcher and the target.

Never let your kids play on their own with a water balloon cannon. Depending on the model you use, balloons can travel at 75+ miles per hour and can cause serious injuries if they hit a person.

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