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Pretreating Balloons With Hi-Float

by Jennifer Fabiano
(Sydney Australia)

Like this tip about pretreating balloons with HI-FLOAT? Share or pin for later!

Like this tip about pretreating balloons with HI-FLOAT? Share or pin for later!

Can I add hi-float to the latex balloons (Qualatex) the day before filling them with helium? Also how long will they last once inflated?

Pretreating Latex Balloons With HI-FLOAT

According to the producers of HI-FLOAT, you can treat your latex balloons several days before the event.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply the appropriate amount of ULTRA HI-FLOAT to the balloons, using the orange clip for 11-inch balloons. For other sizes, consult the clip guide. Ensure the pump nozzle goes deep into the balloon and squeeze the neck of the balloon while removing it from the pump to remove any excess HI-FLOAT.

Step 2: Delicately rub the base of the balloon to evenly distribute the ULTRA HI-FLOAT.

Step 3: Place the treated balloon aside, ensuring that HI-FLOAT does not seep into the neck or leak out.

Step 4: Gather the treated balloons in groups of 10 and secure the necks together using ribbon or a rubber band. This prevents the HI-FLOAT from drying out.

Step 5: Keep the banded groups of 10 balloons at room temperature for a maximum of one week. Avoid storing them in the refrigerator.

Step 6: Prior to inflating the balloons, remove the ribbon or rubber band and gently rub the balloons to redistribute the ULTRA HI-FLOAT inside them.

Step 7: Inflate the balloons with helium and tie them as usual.

The video below walks you through these seven steps.

How Long Will Latex Balloons Treated With HI-FLOAT Last?

On average, a latex balloon treated with ULTRA HI-FLOAT will float 25 times longer than an untreated balloon.

In my own HI-FLOAT experiment, the treated balloon stayed afloat for 5 days, whereas the untreated balloon lasted only for about 10 hours.

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