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How to do champagne bottle with balloon bubbles?

by Hawa Shambe

How To Create a Champagne Bottle Decoration with Balloon Bubbles

How To Create a Champagne Bottle Decoration with Balloon Bubbles

I know that bottle and balloons don't need helium but I have no idea how to attach balloons on the champagne bottle and how to arrange them properly so that they can give a WOW looking! Bottle is 70cm while balloons are clear (45 Qty) and size is 5". Please help.


Hello Hawa,

Most of these champagne bottle balloon decorations I have seen are much larger. For these larger decors, you would create the overflowing bubbles like an organic arch, with a frame, as shown in one of the images I uploaded.

For a smaller design as you have in mind, creating the decoration as wall art would be a good idea.

In the video below, they use clear Scotch shipping tape to attach the bubbles and the balloon bottle to the wall and/or to each other.

However, with delicate surfaces, I'd rather use removable glue dots to avoid damaging the wall.

Attaching it to a Wall or window frame is also the preferred method for the champagne garland kits you can get at Amazon, for example this one in trendy rose gold color combinations.

Hope that helps!


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