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How many balloons for an arch

Balloon arch with 4-balloon clusters

Balloon arch with 4-balloon clusters

How many clusters of 4 balloons can fit on a 10ft length arch?


How many 4 balloon clusters fit on a 10 foot arch depends on the balloon size you are planning to use.

To calculate the number of balloons needed for a clustered arch or garland, you divide the diameter of the balloon into the length of the arch and multiple by 4.8.

As a rule of thumb, here are some balloons per foot numbers for the most popular balloon sizes:

5 inch balloons = 12 per foot
9 inch balloons = 8 per foot
11 inch balloons = 6 per foot
14 inch balloons = 4 per foot

So, if you are using 11 inch balloons for a 10 foot arch, you'd need 10 x 6 balloons = 60 balloons.

60/4 = 15 clusters

15 clusters of 11" balloons fit on a 10 foot arch.

If you were to use 9" balloons, you'd need 10 x 8 = 80 balloons or 80/4 = 20 clusters.

You'll find more examples on my balloon arch calculator page.

Hope that helps!


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by: abhilash sayare


balloons in an arch
by: Anonymous

total feet x 6-11"= number of balloons needed.
20 foot arch x 6- 11" balloons= 120 balloons Divide by 4 balloons in a cluster = 30 clusters of 4 balloons.

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