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Balloon Exploders

Components of the Qualatex Q-Boom Balloon Exploder Kit

Components of the Qualatex Q-Boom Balloon Exploder Kit

What is the best way to explode a balloon on a ceiling or balloon column?

It looks as if this is done wireless and for the balloon to explode at a push of a button.

Q-Boom: Professional Balloon Exploder Kit by Qualatex

Qualatex developed a balloon detonator system that does exactly what you're looking for. It uses a blade mechanism that is released by a remote control to burst the balloon.

Compared to other methods, the Q-Boom has lots of advantages:

1. It's safer and more manageable than traditional methods like pyrotechnics or hot wires.
2. The remote control can be paired with multiple receivers to detonate several balloons simultaneously.
3. The balloon exploder can be used repeatedly.
4. You can work in venues where other methods would be barred due to safety concerns.

There are also a couple of downsides to be aware of:

1. The balloon remnants and the receiver are left in sight after the explosion.
2. Different balloons have different levels of surface tension, and the exploder might not always work efficiently with very underinflated balloons.
3. It's rather expensive and not easy to find. One place where I've seen it offered is All American Balloons.

The Qualatex Q-Boom Kit includes one receiver, one transmitter, one set of batteries, a customized tool for replacing batteries, and instructions.

How Does the Q-Boom Balloon Detonator Work?

Here are the basic steps:

1. Begin with ensuring that the device is turned OFF. You don't want the balloon to explode prematurely!

2. Next, take the neck of your balloon and pass it through the center hole of the Q-Boom receiver.

3. Pull the balloon neck tight to ensure adequate tension and then wrap it around in the area designed for securing.

4. Now it's time to activate the balloon exploder device. Turn it ON and ensure it is paired with the remote. If needed, put it in pairing mode by holding down the red button on the opposite side while turning the device on and then pressing the OneTouch remote as instructed.

5. Use the remote to test the receiver. Press it and if the device flashes, it shows you that it's live and has a good pairing and signal with the remote.

6. Once that's done, slide the slider on the bottom of the balloon exploder to the "armed" position. It doesn't matter which way you move the slider. It works both ways.

7. You're ready to go! When you want the balloon to explode, use the remote for the actual execution.

Remember: You can buy multiple receivers and pair them all to one remote in case you want several balloons to explode at once.

Watch the video below and follow along as Greg and Mark demonstrate the use of the Q-Boom device.

They also show how to attach the receiver to the side of the balloon with the help of stretchy balloon tape and an uninflated 260Q balloon.

This technique comes in handy when you want to explode the topper of a balloon column where you can't attach the device to the balloon neck.

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