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Attaching balloon garland to the wall

How do you hang a balloon garland without damaging walls?

How do you hang a balloon garland without damaging walls?

I can make a balloon wall and also a long balloon banner made of 28 sets of 4 balloon clusters. But I am not sure how to attach these to the wall. Can you help?


To attach single balloon clusters or flowers to the wall I normally recommend removable glue dots.

For a larger balloon garland as you have in mind, you need to use something stronger. You also have to consider how to hang the balloon garland without damaging walls.

If there are no pre-existing hooks or other fixtures in the wall or ceiling, use removable, non-damage hooks like these 3M Command Hooks.

Choose between clear (blend best with all types of wall colors) or white hooks.

There are also different sizes. To be on the safe side, I recommend you select hooks that hold up at least 3 pounds of weight (1200 g).

If you're decorating outdoors, use outdoor rated, water- and UV-resistant mounting hooks, like these Command Outdoor Light Clips.

They can be used on sealed, smooth outdoor surfaces including doors, flat vinyl siding, soffits, finished fences, tile, painted cinder block and windows.

They might work on bricks but only if the bricks are painted and smooth, as the adhesive doesn't bond with porous surfaces.

You typically need two to three hooks for attaching a garland to the wall, depending on the shape you want to create.

Follow these tips for a stress-free experience with command hooks:

  • The hooks are safe to use on painted walls, wood or concrete; also on tile, metal or other smooth surface; you cannot use them on wallpaper, brick or textile.

  • Clean the surface with rubbing alcohol; don't use household cleaner or water.

  • Look at your hook type; some are just one piece, others consist of two pieces. The steps for attaching them to the wall differ slightly for these two types (see video below).

  • Wait for one hour before mounting the garland on the hooks.

  • When removing the hooks, gently stretch the strip down until it comes off. Never pull away from the wall!

To attach your balloon garland to the hooks, use fishing line, ribbon or color matching uninflated 260q balloons. Fishing line is great as it's practically invisible.

260q balloons are also a good option and easier to work with than fishing line. For best results, pull the air out of the 260q balloon before tying it to the hook.

If you created the garland with the help of a balloon decorating strip, you can simply hang the end of the decorating strip to the hook.

Hope that helps!


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