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Which Precision Plus Regulator to Buy?

by Charlotte

Bubble Inflator by Conwin (Image Source:

Bubble Inflator by Conwin (Image Source:


I'm new to the ballooning world and I'm having problem after problem with foil balloons exploding or deflating early.

I've come to the conclusion I need to buy a regulator (inflator), I would really appreciate any advice on which one to buy.

I'm looking at the Precision Plus by Qualatex: do I need the bubble version to inflate bubbles or can the regular precision plus do that?

Does anybody use the 60/40 helium/air regulator?

Would you say it's more important to have that rather than the bubble regulator by Qualatex, as it seems to be a choice of the two?

My main buisness is balloon bouquets but I hope in the future to include corporate displays.

Thanks so much 🎈


I posted Charlotte's question to our Facebook Page, and we got some great recommendations from our helpful community of balloon lovers there.

Here's some of the advice we received:

Reggie Boycott
Yes you need the auto shut off valve. Buy one from click 4 balloons. Qualatex are a rip off.

I then asked Reggie a follow up question:
Thanks Reggie. Would you recommend to purchase this regulator?

Reggie replied:
This is the same one I have. It's brilliant.

And Gail Lewis wrote:
Is it may be a problem with balloons old stock? Sometimes on colder days balloons deflate quicker. I think it's to do with the air in them. Haven't figured it out yet.

From Akil Akki came this important tip:
60/40 regulators may save you helium. But when you use 60% gas and 40% air the floating time of the balloon decreases. I suggest to use 100% of helium gas to fill the balloons. So the floating time of the balloons will be more.

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