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Where could I buy that balloon grid to make a balloon wall?

by Maria
(Chicago, Il)


I want to create the balloon decoration myself for my son's birthday this year. Last year I spent over $200 paying a lady to do it for my daughter.

I've been searching everywhere to get this net. I don't know the proper name for it but it does look like a net or grid on the pictures I uploaded.

If you could help me out with the proper name and where I could purchase it at a reasonable price, that would be awesom.

Attached are some pictures of what I have in mind. I want to do the number 1 instead of number 3. Hopefully you can help me. Thank you!


Hi Maria,

What a lovely idea to create your son's first birthday balloon decoration yourself!

The grid you are looking for is the Rouse Matrix system. They produce light weight, expandable frames for all kinds of mural designs.

Please take a look at their website, where you'll also find a link to their shop and Facebook Page...


You may want to ask for advice on their Facebook Page, to find out which grid is the best for the balloon wall you have in mind.

All the best,

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Balloon Grid
by: Sandy

The best place to buy a Balloon Grid for balloon wall is Usart Balloons www.usartballoons.com/learn they have the best price I ever found.

Do it with the EASY technique.
by: Graham Rouse

You can buy the honeycomb grid in your pictures at http://bvsmall.com/rmsstore. If you take time to register as a preferred customer you can save 5% on your order. (select "Register" in the navigation bar near the top of the page.

I suggest you review these videos before you take on the project:

Pay special attention to the EASY technique. We have had 8 year old children and a spunky 94 year old neighbor use this technique successfully.

Retailers and balloon professionals may register as "Reseller/Professional" for greater discounts.

Thank that Balloon Artist
by: Anonymous

If you were happy with the results I would call the lady that made the wall for your daughter's birthday for only $200 and thank her.

The reason she was able to do it for only $200 is because she has invested her time and money into equipment (that she will need to work to pay off or had saved up to buy.

From what I see the 5 different color balloons wl cost nothing less than $50 for quality balloons. then it looks like they may be 2 different sizes on the red white and blues so add another $30.

now add the 3+ hrs blowing them up...sizing...tying off. even if you have a pump that sizes them for you you are talking abt a $1000.00 investment.

Now, delivery. If this isn't at your place are you going to load the kids and the equipment into the car and spend the next 8 hrs decorating? Bc if you are not doing this weekly AND attending classes/conventions (another approx $800/yr investment) for tips it's not going to be an hr and a half assembly. And now you are either paying th caterer to deliver the food or you are driving yourself insane with those preps and deliveries. And afterwards there is tear down...

Then I don't want to think of the cost of the ROUSE SYSTEM. A worthy investment I'm sure if you are going to use it more than twice a year.

Yep I'd call that balloon artist and thank her because I'm sure I haven't touched on several other behind-the-scenes services she provided you.

My words aren't meant to discourage you but to make you aware that the ease in which she may have put up the wall you saw her do was because of things, time, equipment investment and professional knowledge in her arsenal.

I would be interested in knowing what you decided to do.

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