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When can I blow up balloons for an outside event?

Beautiful balloon background for an outdoor event

Beautiful balloon background for an outdoor event

Can I blow up balloons the night before, store them inside and then take them outside the next day. In the afternoon? This would be for a July event.


Hi there!

This depends on the type of decor you've planned. If you fill the balloons with helium, it's best to inflate them on the same day as the event.

Helium escapes from a latex balloon faster than air. They only float well for about 10 to 12 hours unless treated with a product called Hi-Float.

If you plan to create your design with air-filled balloons then yes, you can inflate the balloons the day/night before.

IMPORTANT TIP: Store the inflated balloons in large, clean plastic bags to prevent them from oxidizing.

The one thing you need to be aware of is the temperature difference between inside and outside. The difference should be as small as possible, i.e. don't store the balloons in air-conditioned rooms.

When balloons go from a cool to a warm environment, the air inside expands and they may pop. Especially if it's a hot summer day.

Please read my list of tips about how to prevent balloons from popping in outdoor heat.

Another consideration is the oxidation process in direct sunshine. If it's a hot and sunny day, latex balloons lose their shiny surface within minutes. They get a "velvety" look as you can see in the picture I uploaded.

Here's some advice how to reduce oxidation of latex balloons.

Good luck with your decoration! Will it be a 4th of July decoration?

Would love to see photos!

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