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What is a good electric air inflator??

by Charisse
(New York)

Premium Twin-Air Sizer® II [Image source: Premium Balloon Accessories]

Premium Twin-Air Sizer® II [Image source: Premium Balloon Accessories]

I am looking for an electric air inflator with two or more valves. I checked out the "air force 4" since the price is what I am willing to spend, but I do not think it will size the balloon too..

Does anyone know of a good inflator that is in the $300 or so price range, that sizes as well as blows two or more balloons at the same time?


Hi Charisse,

Prices for good quality balloon inflators with two valves and sizer start at about twice the amount you wanted to spend.

At the lower price point is the Lagenda B322 3.0 Electric Balloon Pump Dual Nozzle which you can get for $599.

The other two machines with this kind of functionality cost over $1,000.

There's the Conwin Dual Split-Second Sizer which I've seen sold for prices between $1,400 and $1,500.

The Dual Split Sizer does the sizing only. That means you need to connect it with either a helium tank or an air compressor.

And finally the Premium Balloon Accessories Twin-Air Sizer 2 which inflates all size round latex and also the long modelling balloons.

Price at Amazon is around $1,750.

You could also try your luck at Ebay. Sometimes they have good deals of used machines in the $100 to $300 price range.

Click the link below to see current listings:

dual nozzle balloon inflator with timer

Hope that helps!


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