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What are the best brand of outdoor balloons?

by Michelle
(Glasgow, KY)

The Best Brands for Outdoor Balloons

The Best Brands for Outdoor Balloons

I made my fist balloon arch today. The highest temperature for the day was 84 degree Fahrenheit. The balloons just kept popping.

I had watched all the YouTube videos, I thought. I had my tape gun ready to support my side clamp, I used the balloon stand to support the arch, the intermittent windy weather made it bend.

The only thing I forgot to research was the heat!

The only type of balloons that had resisted not only today's heat but also being stuck in my truck for several days are the thicker material foil balloons.

Is this the case for all foil balloons? Which are the best in heat?


Hi Michelle,

I am sorry to hear about your problems with the balloons popping in the heat. Outdoor balloon decorations are a challenge even for the most experienced balloon professional!

I've put together a list of tips how to prevent balloons from popping in outdoor heat.

Foil balloons will also expand or shrink, depending on temperatures rising or falling. But due to their sturdier material, they won't pop as easily as latex balloons.

However, foil balloons won't hold their color, shine or print very well in the sun. And, if they get lose they may cause problems when getting tangled into power lines.

One of the best balloon brand for use outdoors are 17" Tuf-Tex balloons. They are more durable than Qualatex balloons. Many balloon professionals have had good experiences with using them outdoors.

Another option would be to use Qualatex Bubbles / Deco Bubbles or Anagram Crystal Clearz instead of latex balloons.

They are made from a more durable material than latex or foil balloons and will therefor withstand outdoor conditions much better. The downside is that they are more expensive and that the material is not biodegradable.

I hope this has been helpful, Michelle! Please also read the other tips on the page I linked to above.


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