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Weight for String of Pearl Arch

by Simply Trusting
(Charleston, SC)

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Like this tip? Share with a friend or pin it for later!

How heavy should my bases be for a helium filled string of pearl arch?
Thank you


Hello there!

The required weight of your bases depends on two factors:

#1: The number and size of the balloons your are using for your String of Pearls arch


#2: The location of your arch. If the arch is outdoors, the weights need to be heavier, especially if it's a windy day or place.

Let's look at an example:

First you need to calculate the total length of your balloon arch and the number of balloons. You can do this with the formula on my balloon arch calculator page.

Let's assume that your arch is roughly 7 meters long (23 feet) and you plan to use 11 inch balloons. You would need need 21 x 11" balloons (7m x 3 balloons per meter).

To hold one helium filled 11 inch latex balloon down, you would need a weight of 12 grams, according to this Helium Weight Chart.

For 21 balloons you would need 21 x 12 grams = 252 grams (ca. 9 ounces).

Divide this by two weights and you get to 126 grams (ca. 4.5 ounces) per weight.

To be on the safe side, I would make each weight a little bit heavier, perhaps 150 grams (ca. 5 ounces).

And if it's for an outdoor arch, you need to double or triple the weight. In general, air filled designs with a sturdy frame are better suited for an outdoor balloon arch.

Tip: Check out my balloon sand weight tutorial for an easy way to make balloon bases yourself.

Hope that helps!



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