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Technical elements of balloon decorations

I’m thinking about using balloon decor for my next event and I have a couple of questions.

1. Do you get to keep all things like balloon stands, arch supports, balloon weights and other technical things after the event? Or do vendors come by to de-install the whole thing and take all technical elements back?

2. What about the backdrops? Do you have to de-install the whole thing yourself or the artists come to de-install it?

3. How long before the event should I schedule the balloon decor installation?

Thank you for your help!


Hello! Thanks for your questions.

Question #1 and #2:

This depends on your contract with the balloon professional. Usually, the balloon company will return the day after the event and dismantle the decorations, dispose of any non-reusable material and take the reusable material like balloon arch or column stands and frames with them.

But it is something you should definitely clarify with the balloon decorating company before the event and in written form.

Question #3:

This is another point you need to discuss with your balloon professional. It mainly depends on two things:

- What type of balloon decor you want; air-filled decorations last longer than helium-filled ones. For helium-filled balloon decor, it's best if you have them done on the day of the event.

- How long in advance the event venue is available. If the venue is free the day before your party, you could have air-filled balloon decorations done the day before the event.

Hope that helps!


P.S. In case you are looking for a balloon professional, please check our Decorator's Directory for a balloon company in your area.

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