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Removing White Powder in Bubble Balloons

by Ally
(Manchester )

How to Remove Powder in Deco Bubbles: Share with a friend or pin it for later!

How to Remove Powder in Deco Bubbles: Share with a friend or pin it for later!

When filling a 24 inch deco bubble with 5 inch balloons and helium, the 5 inch appear to have a white dust over them which doesn't look very appealing. What causes this and how can it be avoided if possible?



Hi Ally,

You're definitely not alone with that problem. I've seen similar comments in various places and even found a video titled "How to remove powder from inside bubble balloons."

Before we come to the solution, why is there even white powder or dust in deco bubbles in the first place?

According to the experts at Balloon Market it's there to keep the bubbles from sticking together. And it seems that in some individual balloons there is more powder than there should be.

It's also possible that the powder gets at least partly into the bubble when you insert the 5 inch latex balloons. As you probably know, all latex balloons contain a fine white powder due to their manufacturing method.

How can you avoid that your gumball balloon gets this unappealing dusty look?

One possible solution would be to wipe the small balloons with Balloon Shine before inserting them into the bubble.

Another solution is shown in the tutorial video below. It takes more time, but seems like an efficient method.


  • Using a straw or chop stick, insert a 16 inch latex balloon into a deco bubble.

  • Inflate the latex balloon with air until its surface is flush against the bubble balloon.

  • Release the air and remove the inner latex balloon.

  • The dust should now be visible on the latex balloon. Best is to use a dark color, so that you can see the white powder better. Wipe the powder off the latex balloon.

  • Repeat the process one more time.

Let us know how these two solutions works for you!



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