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Organic Garland on Sweet Cart

by Rowena

Organic Garland: the top bit as well, how do I get it to sit still?

Organic Garland: the top bit as well, how do I get it to sit still?

I've recently started taking some organic balloon jobs and I feel a sweet cart related design coming soon.

I’ve always wondered how people attach their garlands to the candy carts. Some people have suggested using thumb tacks and a fishing line, but that would be impossible if I were to hire the cart.

I'm not keen on the idea of using a heavy based pole stand either as it’s not the most discreet. Please help guys, what would you suggest? Or has anyone done this before?

Look forward to hearing back! Thanks a lot



Hi Row,

Thanks for reaching out and for uploading an image of the kind of design you have in mind.

In the video below it seems that Tanya from "Ask me For a Balloon" doesn't use anything to attach the garland to the cart. She just packs the garland really tight to make it sturdy in itself.

If you can position the cart close to the wall (like in the example you uploaded), you could use fishing line and removable hooks (which don't damage the wall) to secure the upper end of the garland to the wall.

In addition, you could use glue dots to attach some of the balloons to the side or roof of the candy cart. Again, these won't do any damage.

I hope that helps, Row.

May be some of my readers will chime in and share their experiences, too.


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