My First Portfolio

by Angela Cornish

I'm just starting my business (with limited funds) and i would like to know the best 10 or so items and colour schemes to use to start my portfolio. (i will have to create these at home.) So many sites use the same qualatex or amscan images, i want mine to be my own work.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Tips for Your Portfolio
by: Margit

Hi Angela,

Welcome to the world of balloon decorators! My advice for your portfolio would be to have at least one example of the most common designs:

  • String-of-Pearls Arch
  • Double bubble Arch
  • Spiral Arch, made with balloon clusters
  • Balloon Column
  • Cloud Nine
  • Various balloon bouquets with matching bases (3 or 4 examples should be fine).

If you have some more bandwith, you could add fancier decorations like a balloon heart sculpture, numbers, or even a bride & groom sculpture.

I wouldn't worry too much about the colour schemes. You can never cater for everyone's taste in your portfolio. Perhaps think about what type of events you want to focus on, and then decide which colours would fit them best. For weddings, for example, gold and white or burgundy and white are two classic colour combinations. For a christening, you would probably go with powder blue or light pink. A Halloween party would have black and orange, and so on.

All the best and good luck with your new business.


by: Anne McGovern

I agree with you that you have to get pictures of your own work. The qualatex pictures are great as long as you have your own pictures also. We contacted schools, libraries, non profits etc and donated balloon decor for free so we could get photos for our portfolio. It was a win-win situation, because we had freedom to do whatever decor we were looking to get a picture of and someone got to enjoy it also. I still hate doing a piece that I can't give away if I needed to do for a photo!. Good luck!

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