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martini glass sculpture made out of balloons

by Jill
(Illinois )

Trying to make a 6 foot tall Martini glass out of balloons. I am wanting to use a diamond clear balloon so I then can use colored balloons inside my martini glass to look like it is filled.

I have ran through so many ideas, but just can't seem to keep a circle shape or for the fact the top needs to be larger than the bottom of the glass, it balancing and not being top heavy.

I am wondering if there is an idea out there I haven't tried.

I am usually pretty good at figuring out how something was made when I can see a picture, but this has me stumped.

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Any updates NEW
by: Anonymous

I love this sculpture! Did you figure out a pattern?

Martini Glass NEW
by: Carolyn Hadin

I would use 260 or 350Qs to make the glass. Much easier and a nice smooth look

Thanks NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I did think of Link-o-loons right after I posted my question. I love the picture you sent and my thought process was the same as what she did. Nice to see I am on the right track and it can work.
Thanks again.

Martini Glass Balloon Sculpture
by: Margit

Hi Jill,

That's an awesome type of balloon sculpture you have in mind, especially for this time of the year (with all the New Year's Eve celebrations coming up).

I imagine that the sculpture needs a really heavy base and sturdy pole to act as counterweight to the wider rim of the glass.

Have you thought of using link-o-loon balloons for the glass shape, like in this example at the link below? It seems like a good way to achieve the round shape.!Martini Glass/zoom/cyuu/image5u9

Are you a member of Then you could ask there too for ideas. There are several examples of Martini glass sculptures in their archives, but it seems most balloon professionals in that group prefer using the non-round balloons for the glass, like in this example...

Sorry that I cannot be of more help!

Good luck with your design. Would love to see a photo of it!


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