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Free Balloon Clipart Made Easy

Finding balloon clipart in general can be challenging, but finding decent free balloon clipart can easily turn into a Shrek like quest ... You have to fight your way through list after list. You have to shield yourself against blinding banner ads. 

Teddy with balloons - free clipartTeddy with Balloons
Colorful balloons - free clipartBunch of colorful balloons
Boy with balloons - free clipartHappy boy with balloons

You will need all your determination to make it to the castle, where your beautiful princess Fiona, your free balloon clip art, awaits you. And you won't make it without the help of your true friend Donkey.

Let me be your Donkey.

Let me guide you through the lands of free balloon clipart. No annoying singing or humming, I promise. Just solid advice where to find free balloon clip art that is perfect for you, fast.

As explained on my page about balloon clipart, only content explicitly marked as "public domain" can be used without paying for it. But even then there may be restrictions. For example, some providers may not allow the use for commercial projects. Almost never permitted is the creation of any sort of gallery, that could be deemed as a competition to the provider.

I have reviewed 7 of the best resources for free balloon clipart on the Web, with the following questions in mind:

  • How big is their selection of free balloon clipart?
  • How easily do I find what I am looking for (in other words, how good is their search function)?
  • What are the terms of use?

Free Balloon Clipart Resources

Size of selection +/- 30 results for search term "balloon"
Search function Basic keyword search. Search results include results from other websites too. So make sure to only click on the results that start with ""
Terms of Use Quote: "All graphics on this site are placed into the Public Domain, which means that you can do almost whatever you wish with it." Restriction: do not use any content to produce what could be considered a competitive venture against
Recommendation This used to be a decent site with a big enough selection of free balloon clip art when I first reviewed it. Search results are confusing now, and there's a lot of advertising on the pages.

Size of selection About 25 examples of free balloon clipart, some animated, in their "Birthday" category (pages 9 to 12).
Search function No search function. You have to browse through the categories.
Terms of Use Quote: "You are free to download and use web images found from this site on your noncommercial projects." Restrictions: Graphics may not be redistributed, sold, offered for download or added to any sort of collection, that could be seen as a competition to
Recommendation Some nice examples of free balloon clipart. I especially like the various colourful balloon bunches, both static and animated. No flashing banner ads, but big section with text ads on top of each page.

Size of selection Only one clipart, a round balloon with a funny face, but in 48 different colours.
Search function Basic keyword search.
Terms of Use Quote: "Free Balloon jpg, gif clip art icons that can be used in web page or web site with any background color. is the copyright owner of all cool clip art picture / clip arts images."
Recommendation Great if you need a simple high quality balloon icon. Cool feature: you can change the background colour to see how the icon would look with various backgrounds.

Size of selection 8 pages of results for search term "balloon." Most of them are photos; I've seen only few clipart images.
Search function Limited search function with basic keyword search only. Alternatively, browse various categories and collections.
Terms of Use Images can be used in digital format on the Web, and in printed media. You can also use them to decorate your home or office. Restrictions: You cannot redistribute the image, or use it in pornographic, illegal or hateful material. Certain images may be subject to additional copyright restrictions.
Recommendation Good resource of free hot air and other balloon photos, but rather restricted clipart inventory. To download any images, you need to sign up. Also, watch out for the "iS" symbol on search results. This images are from, i.e. they are not free.

Size of selection 30 results for the search term "balloons", which are basically variations of two designs.
Search function Good, search by keyword, category and b/w or color.
Terms of Use No terms of use mentioned, only an appeal to support the site by linking to them.
Recommendation The site is easy to navigate and has no annoying flash ads. Their selection of free balloon clipart is very limited though, as the 30 examples are variations of two designs. If you need a free balloon clip art with "Happy New Year" wishes, this is the place to go.
Unfortunately, this resource was discontinued.
Size of selection Not easy to see by going directly to When you do a site search via Google, you get 130 results for "balloon."
Search function The best way to find all clipart related articles is to go to, and enter this search into the search field: balloon site:
Terms of Use Quote: "All clip art, backgrounds, icons, photo clip art, and any other art created by Dixie Allan, Web Clip Art Expert, unless otherwise referenced, is free to use for personal, educational and non-profit usage for a link back to the For any use other than personal, educational or non-profit use as stated above, please email me."
Recommendation It takes some time to browse through the inventory, as you first only see the articles. You have to click into every article to see the graphic itself. If you are willing to invest some time, your reward will be a varied selection of original free balloon clipart. Different from what I've seen on any of the other free clipart sites.

Size of selection About 30 balloon clipart examples on the page.
Search function No search function, just scroll down the page to see all the graphics.
Terms of Use Quote: "To the best of my knowledge, all of the clip art images displayed here are in the public domain and can be freely used by anyone. ... The clip art images linked to but not displayed here are NOT in the public domain and cannot be freely used by anyone."
Recommendation Graphics are taken from various clipart collections. For each collection you will get the link, the creator, a description, copyright status and purchase information. Most of the links seem to be outdated and lead to error pages. So you best stick to the examples displayed on the page itself.

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