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Best cheap balloon weight for a 4 feet balloon column with a 32" mylar balloon topper?

by SMom
(Eagan, Mn)

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Like this tip? Share or pin for later! [Image source:]


I am planning a safari birthday party for my son's first birthday. I am planning to make a balloon column similar to the one in the picture shown above (Source:

What is the best cheap weight I can use for this? Will a sand filled balloon work? Is it best to use fishing line to tie the clusters together in the column? Or is using a 260 balloon a better option?


Hi SMom,

To tie the clusters together, I would suggest to use either fishing line, curling ribbon or natural twine.

A 260 balloon is ideal for tying the mylar balloon to the top of the tower, as shown in the video below.

The cheapest and easiest balloon weight for this type of column is indeed a balloon filled with sand, salt or water.

Please see my balloon sand weight tutorial. For your purpose, you only need to follow step 1. No need to dress up the balloon weight as it won't be visible under the column.

If you want an extra heavy weight, you could tie an aluminum foil wrapped brick to the bottom cluster of the balloon tower.

To give the column additional "lift," many balloon pros fill the top balloon with helium instead of air (but that increases of course the cost of the column).

Good luck and I would love to see a photo of your balloon sculpture!

Please pop by my Facebook Page and post it there after the party!

All the best,

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