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quad cluster pops up

by Iris

We were trying to make a quad cluster tower and each quad would not lay flat. One balloon would keep popping up. How do you keep them in the cloverleaf shape and stackable?


Hi Iris,

How are you tying the balloon duplets? Do you knot each balloon individually and then tie the two balloons together? That could possibly be part of the problem.

Try tying the duplets together directly, with a single knot. There's a video on my balloon column page showing this technique.

Also, does the "popping up" of one balloon happen before or after you stack the quads onto your column stand?

I find that once the balloon clusters are in place, and you press them gently, but firmly into the cluster just below, they tend to snug in nicely.

You may find some good tips in this BMTV video. Greg Brown from Balloon Market and Mark Drury from Qualatex walk you through three different ways of creating balloon columns, each using clusters of four balloons.

Hope that helps!


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