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How do you determine your rates for your balloon decorations?

by Kelly

How do you determine your rates for your balloon creations, for example for an organic balloon garland?


Hi Kelly,

A good way to calculate the price for any kind of balloon decor is this method:

Add up all your direct costs, and charge 2,5 times of your direct costs.

"Direct costs" means all materials AND labor to complete the job.

"Labor" includes your own and any staff members' time working on the job, prep time, design time, build and tear down (at the hourly wage you pay yourself/others).

I find this method better than giving a fixed price per arch or garland foot, as your cost really depends on many factors, e.g. will your arch or garland be helium or air-filled? How many balloons per cluster? Do you also have to take the decor down or will your customer do that? Etc.

There's another more advanced method for calculating your prices where you take your business overhead into account.

I explain both methods in my eCourse "How to Start Your Own Balloon Decorating Business".


P.S. Thanks for purchasing my eCourse, Kelly. I've sent you an email with instructions how to get the lessons. Can you please check you received the email?

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