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Can you put balloons near an active fireplace?

by Alexia
(New Zealand)

Balloon columns near a non-active fireplace (Image credit:

Balloon columns near a non-active fireplace (Image credit:

Can you put a balloon tower next to a fireplace with a burning fire? We're planning to have a birthday party and it's winter right now in New Zealand.

ANSWER: Balloons Near an Open Fire

Hi Alexia,

Fireplaces look beautiful when decorated with balloons. I understand that you'd love to have balloon columns or towers next to your fireplace for the winter birthday party.

However, I would not recommend having any kind of balloon decor next to a fireplace when there's a fire burning in it.

One reason is that the heat from the fire will cause the balloons to expand and possibly burst.

In general, balloons don't react well to heat, no matter the source.

Another reason is that balloons (both latex and foil balloons) can burn if they get in contact with an open flame. Balloons aren't highly flammable, but they can burn, burst or melt.

Perhaps you could place the balloon towers next to the entrance of the room instead? Or place them on both sides of the gift or cake table.

Hope that helps!


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