Water Balloon Games – 
The Squiggly Splashy Fun!

Water balloon games ... doesn't the sound of the word alone make you feel the slightly mischievous joy of bursting those colorful little water bombs? If your kids love to splash around in the pool or with the garden hose, read on for our tips about the best of these fun summer games.

Best Water Balloon Games

Our all time favorites are:  “Water Balloon Volleyball”, “Passing the Water Balloon Around” and “Water Balloon Drip." Read on to find out how to play them.

For Water Balloon Volleyball, all you need to do is fill a medium to large sized balloon with water and then use it as the ball in a game of volleyball. The squiggly nature of the 'ball' will make the kids roll in laughter and every time the balloon crashes on the floor or in someone’s face, the water will naturally splash out.

Keep a lot of these balloons ready so that every time a point is scored, you don't need to run around in search of a new water bomb.

Substitute the parcel in the Passing The Parcel game with a nice water balloon. And every time the music stops, the balloon is burst on the person who ends up with it. The game is indeed as much fun as it sounds!

The Water Balloon Drip game is on similar lines. Only here, the water balloon has a small whole in it and gets transformed into a "time bomb". The round continues as long as the water in the balloon lasts.

Colorful Water BalloonsMakes you want to start playing right away :-)

Special Tip: Make filling hundreds of water balloons a snap, with the Zuru Bunch O Balloons. They come in bundles and have a special adapter that you can attach to your hose and fill a hundred balloons in one minute!

"Heat Up" with a Water Balloon Launcher

Want to add some extra spice to your water games? Get a water balloon launcher and have your guests compete against each other. It’s easy to organize, fun to play and a great way to break the ice between kids (or adults) who have not met each other before.

The goal of the game is simple: the contestants have to shoot water balloons at aimed targets. To play the game, you will need a water balloon launcher, also called a water balloon slingshot

Below is an example of a 3-person launcher with a reach of 200 yards. It's got the highest star ranking among all products I checked out at Amazon and sells for $15.99 (at the time of this writing).

Once you've filled enough water balloons, you will have to select your target. It can be anything from a car (your own, not your neighbours' please) to a tree, a statue to a wall. Some water balloon kits even come with an easy to set up target.

Please remember: never aim at or in the direction of people, animals or personal property.

Depending on the age of the kids, you may want to aks two adults to hold each corner of the device and the child can be asked to stand at the center, just behind the balloon.

Give each kid a maximum of three chances to hit the bull’s eye. It is funny to see how far away they remain from the target initially, but with some practice they will improve quickly! If you get tired of filling the balloons with water, make the children prepare their own balloons. They will feel great to contribute to their favorite water balloon games!

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