Discount Balloons: Decorate for a Variety of Occasions without Breaking the Bank

Save big with discount balloons and create stunning cheap wedding reception decorations. Balloons make a great substitute for flowers and other more expensive traditions. Besides, they complement other decorations like streamers and crepe paper.

Best of all, balloons are affordable and are sold in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and styles.

Use our tips & tricks around discount balloons to liven up any event, even if your are on a limited budget.

If you are planning a wedding, balloons are an excellent choice for cheap wedding reception decorations. A lot of brides opt for elaborate structures like balloon arches or sculptures. 

However, if you want to decorate with balloons, but need to keep things on the cheap, speak to balloon experts about simple designs. Less labor means a lower price. If decorators only have to arrange simple balloon centerpieces, instead of assembling complicated sculptures or arches, your cost will be less. 

Buy Discount Balloons in Bulk

Use discount balloons to create these stunning balloon ceilings.Use discount latex balloons to create stunning balloon ceilings like this one. [Image credit:]

The same is true if you are doing the decorating yourself. One of the easiest and cheapest, often overlooked options is using colorful free floating balloons with matching ribbons to decorate the ceiling. You'll need lots of balloons for this kind of decoration ; try to buy discount balloons in bulk to save on the balloons. (You still need the helium, which unfortunately isn't that cheap.)

By buying high quality balloons in bulk, you'll be able to secure a much cheaper price per balloon than by buying single balloons. The supplier is guaranteed a large sale, so they are willing to cut you a deal. 

Speak with a variety of balloon suppliers about buying balloons in bulk. 

TIP: You can also find great bargain balloons in large numbers at Amazon. For example, a quick search brought back these pretty pearlized latex balloons. You'll get 500 of them in vivid colors for $20.99.

Another way to save money is to stick with latex. Discount Mylar balloons can get pricey if you need a lot of them. If you want color and fun, latex balloons will do the trick. They can last a long time if inflated properly and they can be assembled into attractive bouquets and arrangements.

By the way, grouping the balloons together in complementary colors is a great job for the children involved in your celebration. Using latex also gives you a greater range of colors.

Discount latex balloons are available in many colors and shades, including metallic, jewel tone, and pastel. Regardless of the color scheme of your event, you are guaranteed to find latex balloons that match the theme.

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