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Balloony News, Issue #011 - Balloon Arches, Funny Stories & Valenti
February 06, 2009

All Things Balloon - Fresh Ideas for Young & Old

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Issue #011, February 2009

Table of Contents
  1. What's New on our Website: Funny Stories, Balloon Arch 101, Submit Your Article
  2. Tip of the Month
  3. Dates to Remember


Welcome to our "Balloony News" February Issue.

Please enjoy ... and, as always, your feedback is most welcome. Just reply to this e-zine and let us know your comments, suggestions or requests. We'd love to hear from you!

1. What's New on our Website: Balloon Arches, Funny Stories and an Invitation to Submit Your Article

Balloon Arch 101
Creating a stunning balloon arch is easier than you might think.
We'll cover the basics, and then show you how to create a String of Pearls Arch or a Spiral Balloon Arch.

Funny Stories from the World of Balloons
Balloons and funny stories are a natural match. Something as simple as blowing up a balloon and then letting it go can turn into a hilarious family fun.
So, what amusing stories from the world of balloons do you have to share with us? Whether it's a single picture or paragraph, a video or a long story - we would like to see and hear it.
Share your story with us and win a 50$ voucher for your favourite party goods!

Submit Your Article
If you are a balloon decorator or balloon artist with a web site, we invite you to submit an article from your area of expertise. In exchange, you'll get a free one-way link to your site.

2. Tip of the Month

When creating a 'Link-o-Loon' arch, you might be concerned that some of the balloons pop and ruin your whole decor.

This is how to avoid any disaster: pre-stretch all the link-o-loons prior to putting helium in them. Blow them up fully with air to make sure there aren't any potential leakers. Then, using Hi-Float, pre-inflate all your helium filled link-o-loons the day before the job. That way, if there are any bad ones, you'll know by the day of the event and you can simply replace them.

3. Dates to Remember

Valentine's Day on February 14, Mardi Gras on February 24 and St. Patrick's Day on March 17 ... quite a list of party dates coming up.
How about suprising your loved one with a self made Valentine Balloon Bouquet this year? You'll find all the materials you need for it in the Sweet Valentine Selection of our Online Balloon Shop.

Of course, balloons are perishable. So, if you'd rather give a gift for a life time, then the Special 100$ Valentine Gift from Site Build It! might just be what you were looking for. But hurry, the offer ends with the stroke of midnight on Valentine's Day.

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