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Balloony News, Issue #001 - Hits for Kids with Balloons
June 13, 2006

All Things Balloon - Fresh Ideas for Young & Old

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Issue #001, June 2006

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome Message
  2. What's new on our Web-Site: 'Hits for Kids'
  3. Weird & Wonderful News from the 'World of Balloons'
  4. Tip of the Month
  5. Must-Remember-Dates: Father's Day on 18th of June!

Welcome Message


Welcome to our very first issue of 'Balloony News'. We hope you're enjoying our web-site which is still quite young, but growing steadily, as will our e-zine.

The aim of our guide is not to make the most complicated and expensive balloon decorations. What we're focusing on are impressive designs that are totally do-able, affordable and, above all, fun!

We want to expand on this idea in our e-zine by adding a 'bit extra'. To make sure we're delivering the 'bit extra' that you really want, we invite you to give us some feedback. Just reply to this e-zine and let us know your comments, suggestions or requests. We'd love to hear from you!

What's new on our Web-Site: 'Hits for Kids'

For a kids party balloons are the ideal fun factor. They are colorful, funny, mobile and equally great for decorating, playing or as little give-aways.

On this newly added feature we'll be showing you a selection of easy-to-make decorations, which worked well for our own childrens parties and that we're sure your kids will love as well.

Our first 'Hit for Kids' is a sure-fire winner - the 'Funny Balloon Face' with a huge grin, a bulbous nose and big google eyes will make your little guests giggle and smile. And it's great fun to make it together with your own children.

Click here to see our 'Hits for Kids' or go directly to the 'Funny Balloon Face'.

Weird & Wonderful News from the 'World of Balloons'

What could be better for the first issue of 'Balloony News' than to dig a bit into history and find out how and when latex balloons were invented?

Balloons were originally invented in 1824 in England. These early balloons were made from pig bladders and later from a rubber similar to the type used to make wellington boots.

The modern-day latex balloon has been around for about 70 years. The man generally believed to have invented it was Neil Tillotson, a chemical engineer from New England, USA. It seems that in 1931, Mr. Tillotson was having a hard time trying to produce inner tubes from raw latex.

So, just to see what would happen, he drew the shape of a cat's head on a piece of cardboard, cut it out and dipped it in the liquid latex. When the rubber was dry, he blew up the little latex bag and was surprised to find that he had made a "cat balloon" ... complete with ears!

He produced about 2000 of these balloons, which were a big hit when he sold them at Boston's annual Patriot's Day Parade that year. Mr. Tillotson later founded one of the USA's oldest and biggest latex balloon manufacturers, Tillotson Rubber Company.

Today the company produces everything from industrial rubber products to latex examination gloves. However, their balloon division 'Dipco' still manufacture and sell their unique line of "Tilly®" latex balloons.

Tip of the Month

"Mommy, Mommy, my balloon's gone down!" Sounds familiar? And it has to be this balloon blown up, not a new one. So, what do you do? Untie the knot? Mission impossible!

Here's our simple solution to the problem: use a food bag clip to seal the neck of the balloon. Then you'll be able to easily re-inflate the balloon many times over.

Must-Remember-Dates: Father's Day on Sunday, the 18th of June!

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